Selected Samples

WEB WRITING for a consumer audience
Everyday reports an audience of 26 million unique visitors every month.

PRINT AND WEB FEATURE for a consumer audience
Arthritis Today is the national publication of the Arthritis Foundation.View the web version of the article here.

RADIO SCRIPT for a consumer audience
The University of Florida's Health in a Heartbeat airs on public radio stations across the United States every week.

MEETING COVERAGE for a professional audience
"Treatment and Management of HIV Infection in the United States; Inaugural Multi-Agency Federal Conference"

NEWSLETTER for a clinical and management audience
Diagnosis Coding Pro is a technical coding and reimbursement publication designed for managers in home health and other ambulatory settings.

PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLE for a professional and academic audience
The analysis in the Florida Journal of Public Health describes how the use of health care services changes when public health departments offer primary care.